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 Institute for Laser Technology was established in 1987 as a research and development center for laser technologies and their applications. The founder of the institute was Prof. Chiyoe Yamanaka who was also a founder of the Institute of Laser Engineering at Osaka University, one of the leading institute in the field of the laser fusion. As a leader of the laser science society, he felt the necessity of an organization, which linked the academic circles with industrial world. At the time of his retirement of the Osaka University, he established the laser institute which research topics emphasized on laser applications. Since the laser applications are the integrations of a wide range of the research fields from the basic science to the industrial engineering, the institute was authorized by Ministry of Education, Japan Science and Technology Agency, and Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

 The objective of the institute is to transfer the results of its own basic researches to industrial applications while keeping its basic research position as the world front runner. A number of researchers not only from Japan but also from oversea countries are working together. The research activities of the institute are supported by the domestic and international scientific network of the laser science disciplines. Researchers in the institute belong to five research groups and two major research projects.

History of research topics at ILT